My Christmas Hell

well my christmas eve was hell as well. I woke up to my mum yelling cause she couldn’t find the car registration papers, like it was my fault she couldn’t find them, so she finnally decided to just go down to the car rego place and line up for like an hour. Now cause is it summer here (australia), I was starting to get hayfever, so I was feeling like shit.

After lining up for an hour or so, we finally got out of there, and went to pacific fair ( a big shopping centre), to where there were no car parks, so, we drive around for a while, and find one out in the middle of no where in the boiling hot sun, then walked over to the shopping center. After lining up at several check outs for a while, and listening to kids screaming and crying at every store (my sister is 4 so we had to go to all the toy shops), we finally get out, and get into a really really hot car. Then we get to another shopping centre where the car again in parked in the hot sun for awhile. After all that we pick up my sis from day care, and start driving home. But after getting onto the high away for a while, our car breaks down! So we then have to walk along on the high way, where every one is just looking at us like we are idiots, and we had to lock all our presents in there.

We finally come to a library and I tell my mum to stay there whilest I go up to call my nan, and she said if she isn’t home we will catch a bus to her work, and as she said that, the last bus for like the next 2 hours go’s past! So I walk up to a closed library and can’t use the phone cause it is in side! Then lucky my nan drove past and saw us there, and picked us up. We go the presents, which were all for my nan and sis! lol, ang put them in her car. We get home, and mum has to go back out to the car, and wait for a tow guy to pick it up, but whilest she is out there waiting a big storm comes, so she has to wait out in the storm, then when she gets back, we have a black out, and my sister is crying and carrying on!

So that was my great christmas eve!! lol, but I had a great christmas day! Sorry is was so long!!

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