Hard Times At The NYC Stacks

I just wanted to make a note that I probably won’t be blogging for the next week or two because I’m having some trouble with my computer. I managed to get into a library to use this system, and of course it’s because it’s part of the New York Library system. I want to be a hater of a place with so much knowledge, but I have seen better organizations in my life.

Anyway, my brother pretty much wrecked my laptop and I found out pretty quickly that I would need to get laptop hard drive recovery. I never paid for a service like this before and I can tell you that it ain’t cheap. I and have a lot of computers in my life but I feel like the new computers are way too lame. They just don’t have the strength that the old-school machines used to have.

I ain’t no technologist, but I can tell you that things have been rough around my house lately when I don’t have the Internet to escape to. But, that’s why I find myself in the library in New York. I should probably add club but I’m having trouble getting a job nowadays, because I keep getting fired. I think it’s probably because I’m too smart for my bosses. But I’m not ready to accept that maybe the truth. I got to smarten up a bit.

Anyway, to my peeps in Brooklyn, I’ll be seeing you soon. I hope that everything will be okay with me off the blog. I’m sure you guys will do just fine out there. You gots to chill.

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